The tragic helicopter crash in the Nilgris is one other addition to the lengthy checklist of deadly accidents involving VVIPs. The climate forecast for the hilly space had indicated low clouds, excessive humidity and light-weight rain. Pictures point out that the helicopter had struck timber and crashed? Was the pilot pressurized to proceed?

Individuals have forgotten September 2, 2009, when the helicopter carrying the CM of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, crashed into the hills close to Kurnool. The climate was unhealthy, but the pilot was pressurized to proceed. The investigation report and the next CBI report had been all a cove-up. This development continues in all accident investigations and classes are usually not discovered.

September 30, 2001, Madhavrao Scindia, a former Civil Aviation minister, insisted on continuing to Kanpur in unhealthy climate for a gathering. The plane crashed and all on board died. On March3rd 2002, the Speaker of Lok Sabha Balayogi died when the helicopter he was travelling in crashed in heavy rain. April 2011, the helicopter carrying Chief Minister Khandu crashed in Tawang, in inclement climate. The political class could declare they by no means pressurize and investigation studies won’t ever embrace any opposed feedback within the report.

This malasise just isn’t confined solely to India. In April 2010, Lech Kacyński, the President of Poland, died within the TU 154 crash in Smolensk, Russia. He had pressed the pilots to land despite the climate being extraordinarily poor.

The crash close to Coonoor signifies the helicopter was flying low, perhaps to maintain terrain in sight. They’ve struck timber and crashed. Individuals overlook the visible illusions that plagues aviation in poor visibility or rain circumstances. The compulsion to duck down beneath clouds, to maintain terrain in sight, has typically resulted in deadly accidents. They may institute a courtroom of Inquiry however will it come out with clear info in there was a compulsion to proceed with the flight despite inclement climate?

The MI-17 has very highly effective engines and the downwash might be fairly sturdy. If he had been flying low to maintain the terrain in sight, there may be each probability of the downwash swirling the timber, creating visible illusions. Even very skilled pilots get foxed in such circumstances. The helicopter is fitted with fashionable avionics. Nevertheless, if you end up in search of a touchdown spot in poor visibility and low clouds, the query arises if each pilots had their eyes exterior or was one monitoring the Flight show. The pictures of massive tree trunks damaged point out that the rotors have impacted. As soon as airspeed is misplaced at low altitudes, it is rather troublesome to get well, particularly in excessive terrain space. The helicopter is fitted with a Full Authority Digital Digital Management (FADEC) for the engines. Even when the pilots attempt to get most thrust for the engines, FADEC will forestall over boosting. Solely the ultimate investigation report can establish these. Being a army helicopter and in-house investigation by army authority, we could by no means study the entire story.

Investigations of civil aviation flights are doctored and over time issues get forgotten. The highest officer of Armed Forces has perished and allow us to hope the army is extra forthcoming. It’s important for VVIPs to grasp that the choice to proceed the flight is greatest left to the skilled manning the cockpit, whether or not civil or army. That is one other case of a managed flight into terrain (CFIT) which is an avoidable occasion if judgement doesn’t get clouded by stress.

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